In The Tub with BurghCpl4Fun: Episode 5 

It’s hard and there’s a big curve!

Welcome back to the tub for this weeks episode! Today, we discuss the hard road of getting this podcast up and running and some of the hurdles and mishaps we’ve had at the start. Practice makes perfect and we are working out the kinks and getting it better every week. We also talk about some of the hard to see and missed ques in the swinger world. It’s not baseball and there isn’t a base coach telling you to hit it. In the second half, we have the pleasure of speaking with Goddess Lilith to learn about what all she has going on in her busy life. Thank you to Erika Icon for working this time with us into her insanely busy schedule. She is an award winning Dominatrix, fetish model, certified life coach, Reiki Master, author, and musician. Her accolades are many and continue growing, you don’t want to miss the time we had with her, it was absolutely amazing. Be sure to find her on her below links and keep and an out for her new projects.

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