In The Tub with BurghCpl4Fun: Episode 4

Doin it in DC, Part 2

In this weeks episode, we are back in the car headed home from Exxxotica DC, discussing the rest of the weekend. During the chat, we decide to “dial a Dangle” and ring Dick Dangle of Danglin’ after Dark Podcast to chat with him about the weekend and get his feelings. Overall, a great weekend is agreed upon by all as we all felt full of the energy and love throughout the 3 days. After the break, we dip our toes in the tub with the last beautiful adult entertainers we had the pleasure of speaking with over the weekend. You don’t want to miss hearing from Cecilia Taylor, Rocky Emerson, and Coralyn Jewel as they dip their toes into the tub and answer our questions.

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