Episode 114 – US fetish trends and Mrs. Box

This week as we get prepared for our trip to Chicago We research and discuss sex toy and fetish searches by state as published by Kinky Cloth and Flogged including the number of searches made. The information is pretty interesting and also shocking in some ways. Then we jump into the LS mailbox and see what people are reaching out to us about. And as normal the majority are single guys shooting their load…… or really trying to.

Episode 113 – This is our kind of Sugar Cookie

This week we are joined in the tub by Jason, who is the owner of Sugar Cookie.  What you say is Sugar Cookie? Well, it is only the largest LF social media group in Ontario, they host parties catering to many different branches of the LS community, and is a safe judgement free networking place for all.  They also operate an online retail store and Jason himself has been in the LS for numerous years as a single male so brings some of that insight and thought process to our conversation as well.  This was a great time, very informative, great conversation, and pointers for all.  Please sit back, relax, and enjoy this one AH. 


Episode 112 – Just Cruzin with the Cruzs

On this weeks episode we are joined by the sexy, fun loving content creator, podcast hosting couple of Jazmine and JR Cruz.  Our first time meeting them and we will say it will not be our last.  We discuss life, content and fetish creation, and what led them to starting a podcast and what is the vision behind it.  That being said it is the same as us and we found we have so much in common, other than 2 hot women.  Sit back , relax, enjoy, and give them both a follow and listen as they are supporting sex positivity the same as we are.  


Episode 111 – AEBN Trends and Exxxotica Chicago highlights

This week we get to AEBN Trends and discuss both state searches and the most current worldwide searches and see what may have changed as we kick off 2024.  There are some different things that were not discussed and shown at the end of last year.  In the second half we hit the Exxxotica Expo website and take a look at some of the new faces that will be appearing in Chicago April 12-14 and WOW there are some new faces that are sure to draw crowds.  We then again as always go through the seminar list that we always say we are going to hit some and have yet to.  This year they have some new seminar topics that hit many topics and encompass everything from mental health and tantric to HJ and butt stuff.  Be sure to check out the list if you plan on attending and mark your schedule to hop into the ones that peek your interest. 


Episode 110 – Elizabeth Skylar

This week we are joined in the tub by the beautiful brunette newcomer Elizabeth Skylar.  We discuss everything from her beginnings in the cam world in 2020 to her first scene in 2023 and what she envisions the future to be.  She is so much fun to talk with, she is genuine, down to earth, and honest which helps make her future in the industry one that will last for years and no doubt bring award nominations and wins.  Keep your eyes on her because it is nothing but exciting, blood pumping, heart racing art she is putting onto a screen for all her fans.  


Episode 109 – Takeover BTS with Ranjan and Chelsa

This week we are joined again by Ranjan and Chelsa, they first joined us back on episode 77 as we talked their journey in the lifestyle and working on societal acceptance. This episode we discuss BTS of what goes into a hotel takeover that guests may not think about and don’t really see. Did you ever think that the hotel takeover you are at actually started being planned probably a year ago. From location, to entertainment, to security so much and so many are involved. In the second half we discuss a project they are working on which really is something very interesting and could help both new and veterans in the LS help clarify some of the terms used. So back, relax, enjoy, and learn this week with us.


Episode 108 – AT YIR

This week we review the Adult Time year in review and discuss the top performers, key words, and other fun stuff searched and viewed on their site. They have such a great platform with so much to chose from and something for everyone you are guaranteed to find something to get you all hot and bothered and also to possibly learn something with some of their studios. We wrap up the episode once again on Reddit discussing some LS discussions.


Episode 107 – Foxxxy Darlin

This week we get “Inspired” as we sit and have a conversation with our special guest.  Foxxxy Darlin is a newcomer to all things fun, exciting, and empowering.  She is just under a year into the LS, content creation, and performing. She discusses overcoming societal norms and living life and exploring for her enjoyment and overcoming the fears of what society thinks  and how they view her.  Her strength and mindset in Mrs. words is inspiring as the fear and worry is real and we all can relate.  This beautiful woman is so great to talk with and really take a page from her book and just do it for yourself/  We are not here for a long time so make the most out of the time, make memories, have fun, and do what makes you feel good.  Follow her on her socials and her website below for more and be sure to catch her at an upcoming convention this year.

Episode 106 – Full Swap Radio and Krazy Kasbh

This week we are joined by a fellow podcaster, event host and half of the mind behind Full Swap Radio and Krazy Kasbh events. We really dig into what drove the forming and launch of Full Swap Radio and the move into Krazy Kasbh events. The focus on full inclusion, safety, and overall experience to shine a positive light on the industry is strong and both Kole and Mrs Amanda are determined to show the positives and it comes out in this conversation. Do yourself a favor and not only check out Full Swap Radio but Krazy Kasbh as well on the links below.


Episode 105 – Are you Redd4It?

This week In the Tub we explore some SubReddit threads and discuss our thoughts on the lifestyle questions and situations posed. There is one that hits home as we have been in the situation and from our end it end as a great experience not once but twice! We also take some time to discuss our journey into the OF world and what it takes to become a creator and then it’s not over. The time that needs invested to make a creator successful is at the least a part time job. Planning photos, videos, launch times and dates, are you going to collab with others? WOW it is intense and we are seeing it first hand as we decide to navigate it and see what it is all about and what past guests do to be successful in that part of the industry.