In the Tub with BurghCpl4Fun: Episode 35

You just said drinks and hot tub!

This weeks episode is part 1 of a 2 part series. In the first half, Mrs. talks about her first rope experience with Twisted View Russ at The Body Shop club in Pittsburgh. During the second half, we bring you the first part of our sit down with Marilou and Gelsomino, the owners of The Body Shop club here in Pittsburgh and Twisted View Russ, an experienced and talented rope master and face of the kink community in Pittsburgh and the Body Shop. We discuss everything lifestyle, from rope to kink to etiquette in the club and much more. This round table discussion is great and informative, whether you’re a seasoned veteran or thinking its part of the alternative, open sexual lifestyle for you. Please check them out on their links and don’t miss the second half of this conversation on next weeks episode!

@twistedview on IG

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