In the Tub with BurghCpl4Fun: Episode 11

Got Wings?

In this weeks episode, we have the pleasure of having a group of sexy industry people spending some time in the tub with us. Yes! A group of sexies in the tub with us… not a first by any stretch, however, a first for us to share with you! We welcome a group from Chazzy Amateur onto the show to share a bit about themselves. But what is Chazzy Amateur? Gentleman Chazzy has built what he envisioned doing with the company. Also, we talk some of the family-feeling dynamic with some of the Chazzy Angels, what they bring to the industry and how being part of the family has helped them grow as performers. Please give these beautiful people a look on their social media links below, and who knows could TheBurghs get some wings to be Chazzy Angels in the future?

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