Episode 98 – Exxxotica Year end recap with Michael Ramos of ASN

This week we sit and have a conversation with Michael Ramos of ASN entertainment and Lifestyle Magazine. Michael joined us for Episode 60 as we found out the who’s, what’s, and insides of ASN and then had the pleasure to meet and spend time with him in New Jersey for Exxxotica. We sat down for this episode to discuss the overall thoughts of Exxxotica this year from our experience and get the thoughts from him as an exhibitor at the convention. Listeners have heard us talk about this convention since the start of the show and we as well as you will hear from him stand by this show as a great one. Everything can always be tweeked to make the experience better or draw new people to it and we discuss some thoughts on that as well. At the end of the day as we have said we recommend this convention if you are LS, curious, open-minded, or enjoy adult entertainment. Sit back, relax, enjoy, and Happy Holidays!

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