Episode 62: Avalon Mira In the Tub

Welcome into the tub this week, as the weather breaks and spring is in the air the tub is still hot. We keep this week short from our end of conversation and hot right in with the beautiful, inked, pierced, vixen Avalon Mira. In learning about her journey from content creation to social media fame to breaking into the main stream industry just a few months ago after signing with an agency she shows that never giving in or giving up pays off. She had a plan and stayed focused until it came to fruition. She pops her podcast interview cherry in the tub with us and we are sure this is just the beginning as she has a bright future ahead and the drive to make it happen. Sit back, relax, and enjoy our conversation with this talented, award nominated performer and content creator and get on board now and enjoy the show that she is sure to be putting on for years to come.

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