Episode 104 – AEBN YIR trends and ’24 emerging sex trends

On this weeks episode we hop into the AEBN Trends website to discuss the Q4 trends and top selling straight female performers. Followed by the 2023 trends report and the top 100 top selling female performers. Both lists are interesting as we have discussed the quarterly ones throughout the past year on previous episodes and see how everything finishes is very interesting. There are some unique categories with very interesting moves on the chart and worth taking a look if you may want to find something new and see if something tickles your fancy that you never thought about. In the second half we discuss a Toronto Sun article that discusses some upcoming sexual trends for 2024 and some of those require some research to get the exact definition. This is an interesting article and we can see some correlation between the searched trends and the actual sex trends they discuss. So grab a cold drink, sit back, and lets talk trends this week.

AEBN Trends
2024 Steamy Sex trends

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