Episode 117 – Exxxotica Chicago 24 Take 2

This week we wrap up our Exxxotica Chicago trip. Mrs. talks about her new experience in the dungeon while at the show. We talk about some of the new things and changes from last year to this year. What is a game changer as far as pizza toppings. And end it all With conversations with the beautiful Kenzie Taylor and stunning Katie Kush. Don’t miss these talks as they are always on point, fun, and high energy.


Episode 116 – Exxxotica Chicago 2024 Take 1

Well, we survived yet another Exxxotica and are ready to tell about it.  This weeks episode features 4 Dip your toes in the Tub segments from the show floor in Chicago.  We had the pleasure of meeting 2 brand new performers to us this episode and they kick off the shenanigans and festivities.  the list consists of Ellie Taylor, Stephanie Love, Rocky Emerson, and Selena Ivy.  It is a great mix of fun friends and new exciting beautiful women, not to be missed.  


Episode 115 – Abby Somers

This week we are fresh off of our Exxxotica Chicago trip however we couldn’t wait to bring this full length episode conversation to you, the listeners. We had the pleasure of sitting to talk with newcomer Abby Somers and just as her performances are the conversation will not disappoint. We discuss her young career and what went into her decision to jump into mainstream performing head first, literally. She has worked with some of the top production companies in her short time and things don’t look to slow down. She is on a path of success and is completely down to earth about it and excited at what the future holds. If you haven’t heard the name or watched the performances, find them because you will be happy for sure.


Episode 114 – US fetish trends and Mrs. Box

This week as we get prepared for our trip to Chicago We research and discuss sex toy and fetish searches by state as published by Kinky Cloth and Flogged including the number of searches made. The information is pretty interesting and also shocking in some ways. Then we jump into the LS mailbox and see what people are reaching out to us about. And as normal the majority are single guys shooting their load…… or really trying to.

Episode 113 – This is our kind of Sugar Cookie

This week we are joined in the tub by Jason, who is the owner of Sugar Cookie.  What you say is Sugar Cookie? Well, it is only the largest LF social media group in Ontario, they host parties catering to many different branches of the LS community, and is a safe judgement free networking place for all.  They also operate an online retail store and Jason himself has been in the LS for numerous years as a single male so brings some of that insight and thought process to our conversation as well.  This was a great time, very informative, great conversation, and pointers for all.  Please sit back, relax, and enjoy this one AH.